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Nevada's Award Winning Master Taxidermist, Richard Herb

At Desert Pines Taxidermy, every animal is given the individual attention necessary to enhance it’s finest features and to make each mount a unique piece of wildlife art.

A piece of taxidermy is much more than just a head on a wall. It’s the manifestation of a successful hunt. It represents all of the dedication and effort placed into the pursuit of a trophy. It can capture your memories and take you back to the moment you fulfilled your quest.

Fine taxidermy symbolizes your desire, and makes your accomplishments known to the world.


Tanning. U.S. Customs brokers to receive foreign shipments. Crating & Shipping worldwide. Local pickup & delivery. 120 day expeditious service. Payment plans available.

Official Boone and Crockett and Safari Club International Scoring.

Desert Pines Taxidermy Location

Desert Pines Taxidermy is located at:
787 Lyell Way,
Gardnerville, NV 89460

We are open by appointment only, please contact for an available consultation or drop-off time.


I have always had a strong love and appreciation for the outdoors and for wildlife. That affection has led me into a profession which allows me to express my admiration for wild creatures in a way that preserves their beauty forever. In 1995 I opened Desert Pines Taxidermy. Over the years, I have assembled a staff, each of whom is an accomplished artist in their own right, that share the same passion I have for wildlife art. My dedicated staff and I are committed to the highest standards of excellence. It is a privilege to work on the magnificent trophy animals that have been entrusted to us. We will always take the steps necessary to display those trophies in a manner that is dignified and is a lasting source of pride to their owners.

Richard Herb,
Award Winning Certified Master Taxidermist

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